Bank vs. PayPal

Is it better to use my bank or PayPal?

This is up to you. One is not necessarily better than the other, but we wanted to provide you with options for cashing out your points.

If you use your bank account it is much simpler and quicker, with monies being deposited to your bank account within 18 hours from the time you click ‘cash out’. If you are overseas a higher fee will apply to transfer money from Australia to your country.

Using PayPal takes slightly longer, you may need to wait up to 3 working days for your money to be deposited. A plus for PayPal is that if you are overseas you won’t have to pay a transfer fee (you will still be subject to a conversion rate from AUD).

It just depends on your situation and your preferences. If you are in Australia, using your bank account over PayPal is usually the better option; and if you are not in Australia (you have returned to your home country) then PayPal would be the smarter option so you can save money.