My Bank Account

How can I be sure that my bank details are safe with MeStudent?

We store your details in a secure software environment. MeStudent uses the latest technology, the same technology used by Amazon, PayPal, Dropbox, etc. MeStudent is bound by law to ensure that all sensitive details are stored and kept securely. If you feel at all concerned about the treatment of your sensitive details, you can contact our partner, Sydney­based law firm Holman Webb who can confirm that your details are stored in full compliance with local laws. Your bank account details are requested so that you can cash out your points in the fastest most convenient way. You can read about cashing out points here.

MeStudent works in partnership with several banks, which requires thorough and careful safety checks. We want to make this clear to provide you with peace of mind that MeStudent is a genuine, safe and trustworthy company. Banks trust us and you trust banks; you can trust MeStudent too :­)

A MeStudent member is asking for my bank details, what should I do?

You should never give your personal bank details to anyone. If a MeStudent member asks for these you might consider reporting it through the Report Inappropriate tab.