My Tips

What is the difference between sharing an experience and tips?

Our members often write in 2 different styles: The first is a longer, more descriptive post, like a story or blog post, about their experiences studying and living in Australia. Weaved through their stories are the many feelings they have felt; happy times, disappointments, and everything in between. We call these stories experiences.

When you write about your experiences you are given the opportunity to express yourself and share your life with others.

The second writing style we see is shorter, simpler, and more ‘to the point’. These are what we call ‘tips’. Useful suggestions about things that can be communicated quickly and easily.

So, for example, an experience post may be 300, 400 or 500 words long and very descriptive but tips are usually shorter entries, no more than 150 words, where members can be very specific about particular issues and subjects.

What kind of tips should I be sharing?

MeStudent is totally committed to being a trustworthy community, we are all about being upfront, honest and transparent, as well as being helpful. It’s really important that you share tips which are useful for students, for example; how to live on a budget, how to gamble responsibly, how to find and rent safe accommodation, what to do if you have a problem at work or with your education provider, or how to choose the right immigration agent.

Give people tips about things that you care about! Things you are passionate about or that you think would be worthwhile for others to know.

What are ‘Cheeky Tips’ and can I share them with other students?

Cheeky Tips are tips that, as the name suggests, are a little bit cheeky! Think about day to day things that are problematic for students, or things that are not easy to do. There are ways of overcoming these problems and issues if you think outside the box! We all need to buy books for study and books are very expensive, we (mostly) all have to share accommodation, we (probably) all get underpaid by our employers at least once in our lives, and we don’t get discounts for public transport. These are just some of the issues that could be helped by some Cheeky Tips.