Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

We believe that changing the world is possible. Obviously we can’t change it all but if we can make a small difference then why not? We strongly believe that to be able to inspire others you have to first be inspired by others. That’s why we have drawn inspiration from great initiatives, organisations and companies that have one thing in common ­ they all want to make a change, make things better, and solve problems.

Airbnb.com, Couchsurfing.org, Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, Gild.com, Jumio.com and Google.com ­ all of these great organisations have changed the way we live and do business today. MeStudent shares the same values and beliefs as these awesome companies, and hopes to have a similar impact.

Being an international student, and having the opportunity to study abroad, is a privilege. Anyone who studies abroad can consider themselves lucky! Studying in Australia is like visiting 200 different countries, because there are so many diverse people from all over the world to connect with. What you will learn and discover from doing so will be priceless, it will open your mind and show you that studying abroad is truly a life changing experience.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone gets this opportunity. There are thousands of young people who would love to study abroad, but simply cannot afford it, even though they might be brilliant students. Our team has felt inspired on many occasions when, during gala dinners or networking events organised by educational institutions (universities and TAFE), students were awarded scholarships to study in Australia. These students are extremely talented individuals and they will return to their home countries able to make a real difference in their communities [you can see some of them here].

As there are never enough scholarship opportunities and there are always more students who deserve them, MeStudent is actively working with education providers and the Australian Government as well as commercial sponsors to ensure that the number of available scholarship grows and more people will be awarded this great opportunity. We firmly believe that the best change in the world is happening through education. Let’s give more people the chance to experience world class education in Australia.

We are proud of our beliefs and want to share them with our members in the hopes that we can inspire and educate more students who want to study abroad.

If you share our beliefs please join our community and help us grow.