Welcome to MeStudent

MeStudent is a unique place for international students in Australia to connect with each other, share stories and get the most out of their student experience.

How was MeStudent born?

MeStudent was founded by a group of international students in Australia just like you, who were missing a place to go where they could find all the information needed about studying and life in Australia. Although there is a lot of information online, what was missing was somewhere that offered REAL guidance; a place to find out about both the good and challenging sides of studying in Australia. Not only that, but there was no real place to go to connect with other international students, make friends and share experiences and advice with each other. That’s how MeStudent was born, and we welcome you as a member!

Who does the MeStudent community consist of?

The MeStudent community is a trusted and safe community for international students who are studying, or have already graduated and have received a permanent residency in Australia, as well as those who have returned home. What all of our members have in common is that we’ve all experienced what it’s like to study in Australia as international students. So we understand the issues, concerns and questions that you have before, during and after your journey. We know EXACTLY how international students think & feel, because we are international students! (or we once were :­)