Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1) MeStudent will have exclusive rights to written content and images to use for their own purposes (shared experiences and quotations from written text; and photos)

2) Me Student will be able to sell user’s content to third parties (advertisers, government etc.) only with the approval of the owner or content holder / creator

3) In the name in modern transparent policies for example LinkedIn, users­ students will havethe right to delete their account at any time, and once done all content will be permanently removed from the web application and any servers, etc.

4) Students agree to be contacted by third parties, at any time, (of course spamming users will be silly and people will get sick of it and not use website but having this right would be good so we can tell sponsors that we have permission to contact members)

5) Users have the right to sell advertising space on their profile pages, for which they will be remunerated at the rate of X% which is spent by particular advertiser for one campaign % amount will be shared among users who participate in the campaign. (scenario) For Example: Telstra is spending $25,000 to reach 50,000 new potential customers. There is 100 bloggers and each has 500 ongoing visits to their profile page. 100 ambassadors will attract in total 50,000 viewers. Telstra have decided to contact those ambassadors because most of them are from Italy and Spain and those students are more likely to convert their pre paid cards to long term plans. 25% of the total $25,000 budget will be shared with 100 ambassadors, which would be $6,250 to be shared between 100 it will give total amount per ambassador of $62.50 which will be paid in the end of month.

(Above is just a model, this is powerful marketing tool which will enable to invite people to marketing campaigns and give them power of choking in which campaigns they do want to participate and how much space on their profile page they want to sell, and for doing so people will be rewarded with points which will convert to real money. If someone will choose in their privacy setting that do not want to sell space then simply in the data base will be shown as NOT to BE contacted by Advertiser)

6) Users agree to provide confidential details, WE HAVE to specify that those details will not be shared with any advertiser and Business do commit not to share those details never ever. with commercial world. Things like: Passport number, Bank Account numbers, Private address, in home country and in Australia, Bank Statements, Medical Certificates and insurances. National ID details and Driver licences. Those details will be asked with the transparent and honest purpose of simplify enrolment process and reducing time of wait for obtaining student visa.

7) User will have right to monitor their profile ­­> knowing who is visiting their profile and when and from which location

8) User agree to give permission to Business (xcellerator) to undertake legal action against third party which is using user content without user approval. For example Education Agent or marketing agency have decided to use photos of student and student did not know about it, or for example Education Provider will place students photos on their brochures and use in the marketing and if this happen and students will not want this to happen simply our company can sent legal letter to education provider to remove students photos from their brochures.