Personal Trust

Can I trust MeStudent members?

Yes. You can! Our members are a bunch of hand­picked amazing individuals. One characteristic brings them together. They are all happy to help for those looking for help (for example, maybe you right now?!) To make sure that people using our application are trustworthy, everyone has to go through a strict verification process. Everyone who does this can be trusted in the same way as you would trust your classmates. MeStudent is an exclusive community of current and former international students only. Keep in mind that although all members on our social networking platform can be trusted; generally speaking the more complete their profile, the more secure you can feel.

Can I trust members if they are not verified?

Yes! You can. If a member does not have a ''verified'' badge, this doesn’t mean that you cannot trust them. It just means that they have not yet provided all the information required for them to be verified, i.e. their driver’s licence or credit card details. Unverified members are the same as verified members with one difference ­they have provided less information about themselves. We have still ensured that they really are current or past international students just like yourself.

I have received inappropriate messages from a MeStudent member, what should I do?

If you have received any inappropriate messages from a MeStudent community member, you can report the person on the Report Inappropriate tab, where we will review the complaint and take necessary action as soon as possible. You can also report any inappropriate language or behavior at any time by clicking on the top right corner of a person’s profile and selecting the ‘report inappropriate’ button.