PayPal & Points

By sharing your experiences of being an international student in Australia on MeStudent you get great benefits like points and rewards in return. Just create a profile, share your student experience with the rest of the MeStudent community and start getting rewarded!

What will happen to my accumulated points when I return to my home country?

Your points will not be affected when you return to your home country. In fact, you can continue to earn points by continuing to share and upload your experiences of studying in Australia. You can keep helping other students who might want to study in Australia. Whether you’re from Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Bangkok, Seoul, Warsaw, Sao Paulo or any other city in the world... Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet with people who want to study in Australia and tell them face to face about your experiences? With MeStudent you can do this and you will keep earning points. You can exchange your points for cash as well remember!

What is the difference between my ‘balance’ and ‘available’ points?

Your balance shows how many points you have in your account but your available points shows the actual number of points that you can spend at any time.

You should always check your ‘balance’ if you want to know how many points you have left. The easiest way to understand this is to use the example of a bank account. You know when you use an ATM and the balance shows higher than the available amount of money? This means that in your bank account, the ‘available’ amount is money which you have available at that particular moment but the ‘balance’ is the total which will become available in your account once it has cleared. For example, if we make an online payment, it might still show in our account for a couple of days but technically we do not have that money to spend anymore.

We can apply this same logic to the points system. For example you have recommended a friend to become a member and you were granted 250 points automatically as your friend signed up with his/her Facebook account, however your friend has not yet verified their profile, which means that your points will appear as a ‘balance’ only. Once your friend has verified their account then your points will show as ‘available’ and be ready for you to use.

I have a number of points but I can’t use them, why is that?

How many points you have will determine what you can use them on. If you have used your points on a reward or to enter a competition, it may take some time before your balance is updated. Remember that only ‘available points’ can be used to claim prizes/ join competitions/ cash out. Points which are seen as a ‘balance’ cannot be used in any way. Also, if you have received points for inviting 3 friends, but your friends have not yet verified their profiles, your points will be reflected in your ‘balance’ amount only and might appear as pending; which means you won’t be able to use them until your friends have fully completed their profiles.