Exchange for Prizes

What is exchanging points for prizes all about?

You can think of exchanging points for prizes as ‘shopping online’ where prizes are items offered for ‘sale’ and your points are the ‘currency’. has attracted many sponsors and gained support from many companies, from small brand names to large corporations. We’re going to use those connections to bring even more benefits to our members.

Each prize has its own price point. This price will always be less than the retail price. For example, a brand name USB 32G might cost $25 AUD but if you use your points it would only cost you the equivalent of $19 AUD. Check out the great prizes we have available.

Gift cards are also listed as prizes. You can simply exchange 2,500 points for a $50 AUD DAVID JONES gift card. There’s no better place than David Jones!

How do I know when new prizes are available?

All of our members will receive a newsletter via email notifying them of changes and updates to our prize list, where you can check what’s new and what’s not available any more. If you are a member we will always keep you updated and informed about everything that is doing.

Check out the My Points section for more details.

What is so good about exchanging points for prizes?

Not everyone enjoys competitions, so we wanted to give our members a different option to use their points to get cool stuff! The best thing about exchanging your points for prizes is that you get to choose what you want. You can save money on the stuff that you need, too! You can also make suggestions to MeStudent about what you’d like to be able to exchange your points for and we’ll try to oblige!  It’s all about getting you the best deal and saving you money.