Enter Competitions

What sort of competitions are there and how do they work?

Everybody likes to win stuff! Winning is fun and exciting and that’s why we have included exclusive competitions for our members. At MeStudent we believe that competitions should be fair and offer a reasonable chance of winning. We also won’t offer prizes that we would not want ourselves! To ensure that our competitions offer a reasonable chance of winning, the number of entrants will be restricted for each competition depending on the value of the prize. For example, a competition that costs 10,000 points to enter where the prize is a
MacBook Air and 1,000 students are allowed to compete is not a good offer. The odds are too high and the value of the prize is not commensurate with the entry fee. However if only 100 students were in the draw for this particular competition then this becomes a much more attractive offer. The latter example shows the kinds of competitions run by MeStudent.

There are two kinds of competition; the first is a simple lottery which every member can join immediately (providing they have sufficient points). The second kind of competition is run by the marketing team of your particular educational institution and is only open to students of that educational institution.

The rules for the MeStudent Lottery are:

1) A timeframe is established for the competition e.g. 24 hours
2) The number of points required to enter competition is set by MeStudent.com
3) 3 different prizes are offered, funded by MeStudent.com or one of our sponsors. The more points you have the bigger the potential prizes!
4) Each competition can be entered by a particular number of students only
5) Winner/s will be selected automatically by the system and announced on the website as well as via email

The rules for the educational institution competition are actually more fun and engaging:

1) If you are an international student or you once were, you must have studied
somewhere ­ right? Your specific educational provider has joined with us to run
competitions for their own student members.
2) You might get information from your education provider about a task to help them with organising an event, or they may ask you to complete a survey, or perhaps describe your best experiences on your campus.
3) You will be able to enter this competition and compete with other students for prizes and only the very best will win.
4) Your education provider will be offering these prizes which might be a free
excursion, study materials or gift cards.

We believe that it’s important to work with different education providers to help build our international student community in Australia.

If I win, how do I claim my prize?

This will depend on what type of prize you have won. For example, physical prizes can be picked up from the MeStudent office or from one of our partner offices. We can also post prizes to you ­ usually within 7 working days. Winners will receive detailed information on how to claim prizes via email. You will also be given our direct competition winners’ phone number should you have any further questions.

Why does it take more points to enter some competitions than others?

The number of points required to enter a competition depends on the value of the prize. For example, if one of our sponsors were to offer an all­-expenses paid trip to the Gold Coast, this would be classified as a big prize, and this competition would require a higher number of points to enter. A competition with a lesser prize such as a portable hard drive or a smart phone cover would require fewer points to enter. We know that most international students have busy lives and different needs so we want to offer our members a range of competitions and prizes.

What is so good about entering competitions?

Entering competitions is exciting and there are some excellent prizes to be won! Come on – everyone likes getting something for nothing! We value your contributions to our community and to the MeStudent site, and our competitions are just another way of giving something back to our members. And they’re fun! Take a bit of a risk and see what happens. You can also invite your friends and compete against them. The best thing is that these competitions won’t take up too much of your time and you really could win big! As the Aussies say – just give it a go!

You can also create your own competitions. Design a competition and let us know and MeStudent.com might even run it! If your competition runs you will be rewarded for your ideas.

Our competitions are very transparent and you’ll be able to see who has entered which competition, and who has won.