Getting Points

Invite friends to become members on

One of the best ways to earn points is to invite your current classmates, work friends or other mates that have studied in Australia to join the exclusive MeStudent community and become members. And why wouldn’t they want to? They get to be part of a unique online space for people to share similar experiences, and they are entitled to great benefits as members. Simply share with them what you like about MeStudent, which benefits they can get and how you like to use the site. Inviting friends to join and encouraging them to complete their profiles is an important part of helping the MeStudent community grow. We are currently working on introducing ‘influencer badges’ and giving them to those members who are active and able to sign up their friends. If you know some people who would enjoy being members of MeStudent, just message them on Facebook, email them or catch up with them for a chat on Skype to tell them more. You can use MeStudent as a great excuse to meet up with friends face to face as well! In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide we have several MeStudent­ friendly coffee shops who offer free coffee for members. You could invite your friend for a coffee and tell them about MeStudent in person. Or, try out our Facebook invite feature; simply go to the My Friends section and select friends from Facebook to invite.

Invite friends to enrol in an Australian university, an English college, or other educational institution

Whether you’ve completed your studies in Australia or you’re getting ready to become an international student, you know that one of the hardest parts is making the right choice of what and where to study. For some of us, our parents, an agent, or friend influenced us in our decision. As an international student, you become an inspiration to many of your friends back home and you may even inspire some of them to study abroad themselves. MeStudent gives you the opportunity to make direct recommendations to your friends who are interested in studying abroad. You can tell them about our fantastic search system where they can easily find and compare thousands of courses and hundreds of educational providers. If you recommend any of your friends to enrol in a higher education course in Australia, at an English college or Australian university, and they “TAG” your name while doing it, upon successful completion of their enrolment and payment, you will receive points from MeStudent. Referring friends to enrol is the most valuable activity on MeStudent, because you get the highest number of points.

Remember you are not advising people where to study, all you are doing is sharing your address and telling them about your experiences and recommendations from a user-friendly perspective. We live in the 21st century and we believe that everyone should have full access to information to make a free and transparent choice about studying abroad - this is what our search engine was built to do!   

Share your photos (show students around the world what life in Australia is like)

A picture is worth a thousand words! Some of the best memories we have from Australia are our photos. Do you remember your first group multicultural photo with new friends? Your first trip to the iconic Bondi Beach? The weird kangaroo or koala warning sign along the road? Maybe you even have a photo from the time your friends made you try Vegemite for the first time? Your friends back home and around the world want to see what it’s like to be an international student in Australia, and you have the photos to show them! If you go through your photos on Facebook, you might find a funny photo that brings back a memory that you forgot you even had. Sharing photos from your time in Australia with the rest of the community is a fun way to earn points and gain popularity as a member.

Write about your experience in English or/and your native language

How did you feel when you first arrived in Australia? Was it hard to make friends or did you find some people you connected with easily? What was your course like? How about the food? Everyone has different experiences from their time studying in Australia. Whether they are good memories like going to fun events with friends, or bad ones like working night shifts at a lousy job or feeling homesick; the members of the MeStudent community want to read about them. This will help them understand the ups and downs of being a student in Australia. In return, MeStudent rewards you with points that you can use to enter competitions, receive prizes or even exchange for cash. Another thing you can do is translate your experience into your own native language. If you’ve tried ‘Google Translate’ you will know that it is not all that fact it’s pretty bad. For students and parents that don’t speak English very well, it’s much easier to read a text in their own language. That’s why MeStudent gives you extra points for translating your experiences into your native language. Translating your experience DOUBLES your points, and is a great way to attract more people to read your posts, which means that you gain more popularity as a member on MeStudent. Click here to read our policy on using Google Translate.

Attract followers

You earn points for each member that follows you. It’s one of the easiest ways to earn points, because all you have to do is be active and keep your profile updated and attractive to readers. Remember the reason why people follow you in the first place. They like your profile and what you have shared and by following you they are showing an interest in receiving more of your updates. It’s important to keep those who follow you engaged, so remember to post new experiences and tips regularly. You can use Facebook to share your MeStudent profile and encourage more people to follow you on MeStudent. The more followers you have on MeStudent, the more popularity and points you get!

TIP: Don’t forget that those who follow you are interested in studying in Australia, and if they give your name as a reference when they apply to an educational institution, you will get a HUGE number of points!

Fully complete and verify your profile  

We’re all about being a safe and trusted community and to help us achieve this goal, it is important that members fully complete their profiles and even better; verify their profiles. From the first moment you sign up with your Facebook account you will receive points. Then, when you complete your profile you will get even more points. Simply by registering and fully completing  your profile you will start to earn points. So why not do it NOW and see how easy it is? uses the latest technology; the people who work for us come from security conscious industries and understand how important it is to keep people’s sensitive information safe. You can be confident that your personal details are safe with us and we make sure that safety and security are given top priority.

Help others! Answer their questions

Do you remember the thousands of questions you had about studying in Australia? Is it hard to make friends? How do I get a bank account? Where should I live? People always have a multitude of questions about studying in Australia. As you have already been in this situation, you can help other members by answering their questions. MeStudent gives you points for each question you answer in a helpful way. Answering other members’ questions does not take much time so you could do it on the bus or train. A quick answer here and there will add more points to your account before you know it! And don’t forget that we want to help other students and points are just a small reward for doing so – be thoughtful when answering questions and let’s make this a wonderful friendly community. Help us to build a “Happy to Help” community and change the world through education!

Enrol in a course of your choice and use other MeStudent services

OK – let’s talk about ‘Me Time’ :­) Yes, this is addressed to current members (and if you’re not yet a member, you should read this too as it will definitely grab your attention!). Although this way of getting points might not be the most common one, it is definitely the most beneficial and an exclusive feature that we offer only to our members. We decided to give this privilege to our members as we know that even though you might have a student visa already, there are lots of services that might be of interest to you; you might want to extend your student visa and study a different course, or you might have realised that you have a different interest and want to change your major and educational provider. Perhaps you want to do a professional year course and get an additional 5 points for immigration purposes? Or maybe you are at the end of your degree and want to apply for a Permanent Resident visa and need the help of an immigration agent. All of these services and more are available through MeStudent and will also help you earn lots of points. In other words, our members can save a lot of money! :­)

If you are thinking about extending your visa and enrolling in a new course, you have the exclusive option to do this through MeStudent. If you successfully enrol in a new course through MeStudent, you will be rewarded with lots of points and other benefits.

Share your posts and your experiences on Facebook

Do you remember where your first excursion was with your class? Did you ever go to a typical ‘Aussie’ BBQ? When you write about your experiences on MeStudent, share them on Facebook to get additional points. In this way all of your Facebook friends from around the world can read about your experiences and get an insight into what it was really like to be an international student. You might even persuade some of your friends to study abroad!

Earn points when your friends complete their profiles

Do you have classmates and friends that are international students like you? Invite them to create profiles on MeStudent, so they can earn their own points and help our community to grow. Make sure that they understand the importance of verifying and completing their profiles with all of the required information, so that they can earn points and connect more easily with other members. As a member, it’s better for you to invite a few close friends that complete their profile to 100% rather than a lot of friends that do not fill out all of the required information ­ the more complete their profile is, the more benefits they get as members and the more points you get. Remember it’s all about quality not quantity!

Participate in surveys

This is probably one of the more rewarding ways to earn points. Why? Because you not only get points from MeStudent, but also organisations and businesses who are running surveys will offer you incentives to participate. It might be extra MeStudent points or freebies from that company but it’s another way of getting rewarded. All you need to do is simply complete a survey. Please remember that you may have to wait a short while before getting your points as everything needs to be verified and checked. However, if you have a 100% fully completed and verified profile then you will be able to get your points immediately ­right after you press the ‘survey complete’ button.