Receiving Rewards

How many points do I need to have before I can get a reward?

You need as little as 1,000 points to start claiming rewards. To give you an idea, once you complete your profile fully you will be granted 800 points. This amount will allow you to enter one of our competitions. Or you can wait to accumulate more points and then exchange them for prizes or convert them into cash.

To know more about the number of points required to get rewards simply visit your profile page and click on My Points. You will find all the details there. Keep in mind that rewards are updated frequently so you should always be able to find something you like. And if you can’t, then please let us know as we value your feedback!

What kinds of rewards are available?

We know how students think & feel, so we’ve based our reward choices on that. We strive to offer rewards that are useful, good quality, cool and can sometimes be pricey ;­) Think of all the things that you might need when you are student, or even if you’re not: USB’s, hard drives, power banks, stationery, cameras, tablets, laptops and much more. Visit our Rewards Bank for a full list of available items.

We also offer other useful rewards in the form of discounts. For example, at some point in time you will probably need a migration agent to help you apply for residency or citizenship and these are not cheap, so you could use your points to pay for some of the fees.

Can I receive more than one reward?

Yes, you can. Rewards are related to points, so it all depends on the number of points that you have in your account. The more points you have, the more rewards you can get. The more you share and help others, the more points for you!