Sharing My Experience

Why should I share My Experiences of being a student in Australia?

As a MeStudent member you can share your personal experiences of being a student in Australia with others and connect with international students to read their stories and get their personal advice. MeStudent gives international students like you a voice and the opportunity to share your experiences and be heard.

How do I share My Experiences?

Creating a profile and uploading your experiences through the AwesoME system we have is not only a great way to share your story with others, but you can also get great Points & Rewards for doing so.

Why should I translate My Experiences into my first language?

Experiences can be simple stories which you share with the world about study and life in Australia. It is important for our community that we care about all international students especially those who are just beginning to learn English. When you translate your experiences you are helping prospective students to really understand what it is like to live and study in Australia. Additionally, your experiences may be read by parents who may not understand English.

Please don’t use Google Translate as it is awful!! MeStudent will share your experiences on various internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So it will be much easier for people who are interested in coming to Australia to find your profile and read about your experiences if they appear in more than one language.  

And don’t forget you will be rewarded with points for your extra efforts ;-) You will be able to inspire interested people in your country by writing about your experiences in a language that they can understand.  

Can I use Google Translator to translate My Experience?

At MeStudent, we value all of the contributions made by our members, and we understand that they have taken time to thoughtfully write about their experiences for the benefit of other members. Keeping this in mind, we ask you to please not use Google Translate. Google Translate is a great tool to help provide a brief understanding, but it does not convey the full meaning of words and sentences. When posts are translated using Google Translate they tend to lose their meaning. Don’t let your efforts be wasted by a bad translation!

MeStudent’s mission is to build a database of meaningful experiences; and to achieve this aim, meaningful experiences must be written with their full intended meaning.

Additionally it is our policy and one of our core values that our written experiences have actually been written by our users; therefore we do not allow translated experiences. Also, if we spot you doing so we won't be able to award you any points for your submission and we will also have to send you a friendly warning.

What have international students in Australia shared so far?

On MeStudent, members have shared their experiences across a range of topics. Here are some areas that members have shared about so far:

> Working in Australia
> Internships
> Volunteering
> Relationships
> Racism or exclusion
> Travel
> Food
> Health
> Cultural differences
> Funny experiences
> Amazing experiences
> Shocking experiences
> Tips