Being a Member

What are my responsibilities as a MeStudent member ?

As a MeStudent member, we expect you to treat other members with respect at all times. If someone asks you a question on your wall or via private message, please reply! We feel that it is of the utmost importance to make MeStudent a place where everyone feels comfortable and members aren’t afraid to reach out to other members. Only in this way can we create a true community where everyone reaps the benefits. To foster trust among our members, we ask that you fill out your profile fully and get it verified.

When you contribute content to MeStudent, please endeavour to share your experiences and advice in both English and your mother tongue. This will mean that more people can benefit from your writing. When posting photos, try to make them meaningful by ensuring that they are related to the topic of your posts, instead of just uploading any old pic.

It is so important to us that everyone gets the best out of MeStudent, and we believe that together we can make this a reality!

What qualities are you looking for in your members?

We need all different types of people to make our community as rich and diverse as possible, but there are a few key qualities we believe all our members should share. If you are open minded, you embrace multiculturalism, have a willingness to help others, like to network and make new friends and are friendly, then you are exactly who we are looking for!

Do’s and Dont’s

Just a quick rundown of the rules! Help us to make MeStudent a safe, friendly community where everyone feels welcome.

● Do fill in your profile completely and get verified
● Do put up awesome, interesting pics on your profile
● Do contribute relevant advice to other members
● Do invite people that you believe will be a good fit with the MeStudent community
● Do share your experiences and write what’s on your mind and in your heart
● Do let us know if you see anything that you think is offensive
● Don’t use abusive language
● Don’t use Google Translate (curious why? click here to find out :)
● Don’t post offensive photos or written content
● Don’t harass other members

Please remember that first and foremost our community is here to help others, any dollar rewards or other perks that you may receive in return are bonuses! Our members are primarily oriented toward helping students and sharing their knowledge.

I have graduated and am no longer a student, can I still be part of the community?

Yes, you can. The MeStudent community is made up of current and past international students. You may already be a permanent resident or have become an Australian Citizen, but you can still be a part of our community. We all have one thing in common and that is that we have each experienced studying in Australia! In the About Me section on your profile you can select whether you are currently studying or have studied in the past.