Trust & Safety

Our aim is to build a trusted community of international students worldwide. We believe that to achieve this goal we need to harness the latest technology, and more importantly we need to find the right people to build this community with ­ international students who want to share their knowledge with other international students. In short, people who are happy to help! We aim to connect these people who are happy to help with people seeking help. To ensure that we provide the absolute best experience for our users, we decided to make available only to people who have experience studying in Australia. This covers several types of people: there are those who hold student visas, those who become permanent residents, those who are citizens, students who hold 485 and/or 457 visas, and those who have returned to their home country after completing their studies. All of these people have one thing in common: at some point in their lives they were international students (or still are). That’s why wants to connect them with anyone around the world who studies abroad, or plans to. Our aim is to ensure that students are safe and informed at all times. MeStudent is committed to your safety, and all of our community members have been verified in our verification process. In our community we want all of our members to connect in a safe, transparent and trustworthy manner.