Do’s and Dont’s

Just a quick rundown of the rules! Help us to make MeStudent a safe, friendly community where everyone feels welcome.

● Do fill in your profile completely and get verified
● Do put up awesome, interesting pics on your profile
● Do contribute relevant advice to other members
● Do invite people that you believe will be a good fit with the MeStudent community
● Do share your experiences and write what’s on your mind and in your heart
● Do let us know if you see anything that you think is offensive
● Don’t use abusive language
● Don’t use Google Translate (curious why? click here to find out :)
● Don’t post offensive photos or written content
● Don’t harass other members

Please remember that first and foremost our community is here to help others, any dollar rewards or other perks that you may receive in return are bonuses! Our members are primarily oriented toward helping students and sharing their knowledge.