What does MeStudent do to ensure members are safe on the site?

This is a very good question that was submitted by one of our members. MeStudent does two things to ensure your safety. First, we use the latest technology to make certain that our application is safe and your data is protected, and we follow standards which are respected and used by banks and money transfer companies.

Second, we make sure that members provide as many details as possible so MeStudent can fulfill its purpose. At MeStudent we believe that the internet has become a kind of virtual world not so different than the real world that we live in.

We follow the logic that when you meet new people in the real world you are not immediately best friends with them, you need to first build trust. It’s normal to have questions like: Should I give out my phone number? Should I meet up with so­-and­-so again? Is it safe for me to lend this person money, considering we have only been friends for a few months? Or, Will my personal belongings be safe if I leave them at a friend’s house while I go on holiday for a while? And so on.

Answering these questions requires you to exercise good judgement and consider many different aspects of your relationship. Most important are things like: How long have I known this person? Do we have any friends in common? What are they like? Do I know where this person lives? Have I ever been to their house? How trustworthy are they?

These are questions to ask in the real world, in the MeStudent world the considerations are slightly different. When we are making friends on MeStudent we should ask ourselves: Does the person have a verified profile? Who are they friends with and do they have verified profiles? What sort of photos and experiences are they sharing? How long have they been a member?

By asking these kinds of questions you can make your own mind up about members and decide the level of trust you want to give each person. The best advice we could give is to just use common sense.