What are my responsibilities as a MeStudent member ?

As a MeStudent member, we expect you to treat other members with respect at all times. If someone asks you a question on your wall or via private message, please reply! We feel that it is of the utmost importance to make MeStudent a place where everyone feels comfortable and members aren’t afraid to reach out to other members. Only in this way can we create a true community where everyone reaps the benefits. To foster trust among our members, we ask that you fill out your profile fully and get it verified.

When you contribute content to MeStudent, please endeavour to share your experiences and advice in both English and your mother tongue. This will mean that more people can benefit from your writing. When posting photos, try to make them meaningful by ensuring that they are related to the topic of your posts, instead of just uploading any old pic.

It is so important to us that everyone gets the best out of MeStudent, and we believe that together we can make this a reality!